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Quantify haptics consistently with the machine equivalent of human touch.

A measurable, repeatable standard for any material

The SynTouch® Toccare® Haptic Measurement System repeatedly and precisely senses surfaces in a way that correlates directly to human perception, quantifying the results consistently across 15 Dimensions of Touch – The SynTouch® Standard.

World’s most advanced tactile sensing system

The SynTouch® Toccare® system is biomimetic – replicates how human fingers sense & move

Repeatable, objective, precise quantification of touch measuring the force, vibration, thermal elements of touch, and more

Signal processing algorithms originated in neurophysiology and cognitive systems

Data collection software and analytical tools

Incorporates the most-awarded tactile sensor in the world, originally developed by SynTouch® for robotics and prosthetic-hand applications

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The SynTouch® haptics model: An objective standard for a subjective sense

The Toccare® produces 15-dimensional haptic models that conform to human tactile perception based on scientifically validated psychophysics research. It provides detailed reports that map out the haptics properties of virtually any material.

Allows objective, reliable, repeatable comparison of materials

Helps define “softness” and other subjective tactile descriptions

Reports with “spider plots” and analytics provide nuanced characterization of 15 haptic dimensions within five parent categories: Compliance (deformability), Friction, Texture, Adhesion and Thermal.

Relevant across the supply chain: design, sourcing, manufacturing, QA/QC, marketing

Sample study

The first and only database of touch

Over the past 10 years, SynTouch® has compiled and continues to expand the first database of touch: profiles of thousands of thousands of materials ranging from nonwovens, cosmetics, apparel, consumer electronics, and so much more, while also incorporating human preferences.

Based on work with clients in a broad range of fields from nonwovens to cosmetics, this database architecture is available to all SynTouch® customers to examine, compare, and manipulate haptics data for research, development, marketing and related efforts.

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Discuss your application with the SynTouch® Team

Start an exploration of how SynTouch® can help with your specific application. Schedule a telephone conference with one of our haptics experts to discuss what you’re trying to do. Then, send us your samples to test and analyze. You are invited to visit our facility in Los Angeles to experience our technology first hand.

Categories for analysis:

Similarity scores that compare how closely new samples feel to an ideal specimen.

Grades for samples feeling ‘best’ to ‘worst’ on a scale unique to your materials.

Values on custom dimensions that correlate with your current attributes, e.g.‘Soft.’