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What should your product feel like? How do you make it feel like that?

Design your products with the right feel and maintain the right feel at every stage

Define a measurable haptic standard based on consumer preference, and keep to that intentional standard throughout development, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, and release. Gain a competitive advantage and reduce your time to market with objective data you trust.

The perfect touch
With SynTouch®, you can objectively correlate touch with consumer preference, scientifically quantifying qualities like softness, luxe, and comfort. Avoid decisions based on past history, opinion, guesswork, or trial & error.

Stay on track
Control batch consistency and quality during manufacturing and across multiple vendors. Compare materials against one another and keep the desired feel when moving to different processes or alternate sources.

A customized solution for your application

Once we understand your application and the desired outcome, our haptic experts will develop the most effective SynTouch® solution. Send us your samples to test and compare. Lease or purchase a Toccare system of your own.

Typical workflow for a scientific decision on product feel

Scientifically measure and model the haptics of your material(s), mapping and analyzing each along the SynTouch® Standard 15 dimensions of touch.

Correlate to
Correlate haptics to human perception: your qualitative descriptions (best/worst etc) and/or quantitative rankings. Don’t have human data? We can help you get it.

Correlate to human
Determine human preferences with human sensory panels, precisely quantifying each haptics dimension and the properties that cause differences in preferences.

Apply the data to
product decisions
Apply the SynTouch® data in quick, continuous feedback loops to ensure you’re on target at every stage from design to procurement to production.


Proven results for industry-leading brands



Consumer Electronics


The award-winning SynTouch® Toccare® Haptic Measurement System is used by leading global brands in a broad range of product categories to test, optimize and maintain ideal tactile properties such as:

The softness of nonwovens for baby and personal care
The perfect feel of a facial moisturizer or cosmetic on the skin
The luxuriousness of leather analogs for automotive interiors
The surface of touchscreens and casings for mobile phones
Apparel. And more.

Toccare Haptics Measurement System