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Scope and cost of a SynTouch Haptics Study

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A SynTouch Haptics Study consists of three steps:

The first step is the most important. It consists of properly formulating your product questions and the study’s test and analysis protocol. You can find a short list of possible questions here. This step consumes approximately 10%–15% of the study’s time.

The second step consists of acquiring your samples’ haptic data with the Toccare® Haptics Measurement System at our test lab. This step consumes approximately 10%–15% of the study’s time.

The Toccare system always collects the same haptic data; what changes between studies are the data analyses and visualizations necessary to answer the questions formulated during the study’s first step. This final step consumes approximately 70%–80% of the study’s time.

You have two options for engaging us to conduct a SynTouch Haptics Study:

Option 1 – Regular study

Chose this option if you know that a SynTouch Haptics Study will help answer your product questions.

Cost: Starts at $5,000 and goes up from there depending on the materials being tested and the questions you need answered.

Option 2 – Discovery study

This specially priced option is limited to organizations that want to conduct an initial, one-time assessment of how SynTouch Haptics Studies help answer product questions. It is identical to a regular study except for the following limits:

  • Only one product question
    • The most common product question is to find haptic differences between existing products, prototypes or competitive products. You are welcome to propose a different question.
  • Sample quantity and type
    • No more than 10 samples. Each tested orientation (e.g., machine direction or cross-direction) and side (e.g., top or bottom) counts toward the limit of 10 samples.
    • Flat. That is, not contoured.
    • Each sample must measure at least 3”x3”.
    • Either no cleaning required or cleaning with standard isopropyl alcohol.
    • Dry materials.
    • Normal environmental conditions of temperature and humidity.

Cost: $2,500. This one-time cost is available only once to an organization that has not previously worked with SynTouch, and is subject to the above study limits.

What next

Please contact us to schedule a complimentary call to either discuss your options or start formulating your study’s scope and budget.

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