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Consumers will only give you one chance.

Achieve the right feel with scientific certainty.

If your product feels good to the touch, they’ll buy it again. If it doesn’t, they won’t. With SynTouch®, you can be scientifically certain that you’re getting the haptics exactly right, the first time out.

Haptic questions you can answer accurately for the first time

The odds of test market success are in your favor if you deliver an experience that delights consumers. With disposable nonwovens, product feel is key to both trial and repeat. Now you can get the tactile properties exactly right with scientifically validated, measurable, fast answers to perception questions around:

Softness Gentle to my baby’s skin – or mine

Performance Feels like it will work

Comfort Feels comfortable

Flexibility Easy to handle

Cool Won’t feel too warm

Smoothness Will feel smooth on my skin

Compare How does this one feel better than that one?

And more SynTouch® will quantify any haptic property

How Velcro® created a unique diaper fastener to outperform the market

Velcro utilized SynTouch® technology to:

  • Benchmark the diaper fastener market
  • Identify unique and unexplored user experiences
  • Prototype fastener concepts that elicit positive user experiences
  • Move forward with product innovation.

Both visual and tactile attributes for diaper fasteners were tested. One counter-intuitive discovery was that consumers wanted the diaper to feel soft, but the fastener needed to look strong. A typical comment: “If it’s too soft, it will never work.” Performance and measurable haptic criteria like this provided guidance and feedback for product innovation.

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SynTouch® works with global nonwoven brands in every product category

The award-winning SynTouch® Toccare® Haptic Measurement System is used by leading global brands in a broad range of nonwoven product categories to test, optimize and maintain ideal tactile properties from design to sourcing to production.

A partial list: Every component of baby and adult diapers (top sheet, inner liners, absorbent liner, fasteners, packaging and more) feminine hygiene products, toilet tissue, facial tissue, and wipes of all kinds (facial, kitchen, baby, hand, personal, disinfectant, automotive and more).