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About us

Our mission is to apply the science of touch to business objectives.

Creating products that humans prefer to touch

The mathematical models based on proven haptics science produced by the SynTouch® Toccare® Haptics Measurement System help guide the design and manufacturing of products and materials that feel how humans prefer them to feel. The industries we serve include nonwoven fabrics and products, apparel, automotive, cosmetics, and consumer electronics.

Everything the human finger can sense, the Toccare system can precisely and repeatedly quantify biomimetically. Designers and manufacturers use Toccare haptics data to compare, test, communicate and optimize with both subtlety and accuracy the feel of their products, the first time and every time. When correlated with consumer preferences, the data provide unparalleled haptics insights faster and more economically than any other method or quantification modality.

The SynTouch® “language of touch” is valuable across the entire supply chain to provide conformity to objective standards at every stage of development or production, and faster time to market. Use it to communicate across all stages internally and with your vendors and customers — from product design to material and vendor sourcing, manufacturing, quality assurance and control, and marketing.

Robots that feel

Our haptics sensors mimic the physical properties and sensory capabilities of the human fingertip, turning future possibilities into immediate product applications for robotic arms and prosthetic hands that need to replicate human dexterity and sense of touch.

How it all began

Our technology was born in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California in 2007 with the vision of giving hand amputees human-like hand dexterity unlike the rudimentary functions of simple prosthetic hands. The technology quickly evolved into its current haptics, robotics and prosthetics applications in response to numerous customer requests, including an extensive collaboration with Procter & Gamble.


Richard Koffler
Chief Executive Officer
Board Member

Peter Botticelli
Vice President of Customer Solutions

Austin Shearin - Director of Data Science - SynTouch Inc.

Austin Shearin
Director of Data Science

Jake Sigmond - Director of Customer Relationships - SynTouch Inc.

Jake Sigmond
Director of Customer Relationships

Alex Cory
Board member

Ferey Faridian
Chairman of the Board

Gerald Loeb MD
Board member

Peng (Fred) Zhang
Board member

Jeremy Fishel, PhD
Scientific advisor

Joann Peck
Haptics advisor

Veronica Santos, PhD
Robotics advisor

Matt Borzage, PhD